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Welcome to D2D Furniture Ireland and our large selection of dining tables and chairs for Irish homes. Here you will find everything from compact glass sets for apartments to expansive oak sets that can be lengthened to accommodate an extended family. In short, we have a big range and some great deals on sets of every type .


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The right table and chairs is an important purchase for any homeowner or tenant. Depending on the nature of your household, you might be looking for something small and functional, or a substantial piece of furniture that will become a focal point for important family occasions. There are several considerations when buying dining tables, with budget and comfort being amongst the most important. Because the idea of a certain style is probably the starting point of your quest for a new set though, we have organised everything into the stylistic categories that you see above, from where you can go further to examine price and choice in more detail.

If you are looking for a solid oak table and chairs then head straight to our category listed above that is dedicated to this type of product. There are round, oval and extending versions of high quality tables in contemporary and rustic finishes. If you have been looking for dining tables in Dublin, Galway or Cork then you should be pleasantly surprised by our low prices on these high end products.

In a very different category, we have assembled a diverse collection of reasonably priced sets that all cost less than 550 euros, including the chairs. If you are equipping an apartment in Dublin with new furniture, then you will find much to choose from in modern glass, rustic pine and even some oak sets in this price range. Again, there are round, square and some extending sets in this low price category. Nearly every dining table is made from solid wood, with very little in veneer on offer.

For sheer value, strength and appeal, don’t miss the rustic category above that features some beautiful hardwood furniture at amazingly low prices. We have a special offer on our Yen dining table and chairs that is made from natural Sheesham wood with a vibrant colourful grain. Rustic can mean traditional farmhouse as much as contemporary hardwood and regardless of what you have in mind, we recommend browsing through all our categories and especially the rustic and oak sections above.


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